Urban Possibilities

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Urban Possibilities uses the power of art and culture – from fashion to theatre – to change the lives of homeless and working poor people in Los Angeles.


There are more than 36 million in the USA living below the poverty line – that’s about 1 in 10 Americans located in the heart of every major U.S. city. An estimated 225,000 are homeless some time during the year in Los Angeles County alone. Now throw out that old notion of handouts and hopelessness and think vast potential.


Our clients are homeless and working poor men and women living through life’s toughest conditions –who don’t give up. We call them heroes and see the skills they’ve developed to survive poverty, abuse and neglect as a formidable spring- board to a new future.


Our mission is to help these clients turn the corner on their past and see a new vision of themselves – one inspired by new possibilities. We elevate self-image as a catalyst for change and provide programs that build it- both inside and out!

Joined with Community Partners: April 2004

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