September 18, 2018

New Data Partnership

Community Partners is excited to be part of an innovative new partnership — recently awarded close to $1 million in funding from the National Science Foundation — which aims to help students, faculty and nonprofits in Los Angeles better harness available data to benefit local communities.

We’ll be working together with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s DataLA TeamCalifornia State University, Los Angeles, and Social Equity Engagement Geo-Data Scholars (SEEDS) on this unique public-private collaboration. Community Partners’ role will be to help provide access to local nonprofit organizations that can most benefit from the effort, along with administering outreach, community engagement, and research grants to groups, and help organize trainings for students, faculty and nonprofit organization staff.

“This is an exciting new model that takes data out of the traditional confines of academia and moves it into the hands of people who can find new ways to help their communities,” said Phyllis Owens, a senior program director at Community Partners.  “It’s also a way to bring 21st-century data analysis skills to a new generation of students and open their eyes to new career pathways in both data and the nonprofit arena.”



Photo courtesy of Cal State LA

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